Florida Veterans Foundation
Service Description

The Florida Veterans Foundation serves, supports, and advocates for Florida veterans to improve their well being.

The Florida Veterans Foundation:

Serves Florida veterans and their families by providing direct services and partnering with state and local governments, veteran service organizations, and educational institutions to improve their physical, financial, mental, emotional, and social well being;

Supports the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs’ mission of advocacy; and,

Advocates for Florida veterans by educating the public and governmental entities to increase awareness on veteran-related issues.

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400 Monroe St
Tallahassee FL
Helping Veterans Go Fishing
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Our mission is to collect used & new fishing gear for our Veterans. Also to bring awareness to PTSD and fishing as a therapy for our Veterans. We would like to be able to give the tools    "Fishing Gear" to our Veterans for their therapy "Fishing" who suffer from PTSD, Mental, and physical issues from time served in the Military. We have a yearly event in Illinois and Florida to disperse the fishing gear to our Veterans.

Physical Address
1357 Twin Rivers Blvd

Oviedo, FL
Post 911 Veterans
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Uniting our returning veterans with their community through social outreach while educating future generations.

Our Mission is Our Community – the military community as well as Tampa Bay and our efforts focus on integrating these communities together so we can create a new future for returning veterans.

Our Mission is also driven by these hard truths surrounding veterans.

Phone Number
(866) 470-4246
Physical Address
Tampa, FL
Veteran Today Productions
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Writing, Filming and Distributing movie productions that advance the effort to increase veteran access to care and share their stories of challenge and success.

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454 S Yonge St Suite 7B
Ormond Beach FL
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Villagers for Veterans is 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) organization founded for the sole purpose of helping severely wounded veterans. We help veterans directly with much-needed funding or additional resources, or by providing grants to other organizations that provide services for veterans. Either way, we are here to help wounded veterans transition into civilian life with as much support as possible. Villagers for Veterans meets a real need today, as veterans too often face difficulty in securing resources through established sources, such as governmental agencies.

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Physical Address
2518 Burnsed Boulevard
Box 303
The Villages, FL