Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation
Address: 12081 W. Alameda Pkwy
CO 80228
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How We Give Back The Fallen Angel Aviator Foundation is a 100% volunteer non profit focused on helping soldier and family. We are a local charity based out of Colorado and we rely on our dedicated men and women who give back their time and skills to ensure our cause provides the most impact to our Fallen Heroes Families. With over 100 volunteers who are mostly in the aviation industry, as well as our corporate sponsors we have made a positive impact in supporting those children, spouses and families left behind due to the loss of their military service member. We identify the gaps in traditional benefits to better support those who have lost so much. One of the projects involved erecting a memorial to honor those airmen who lost their lives on August. 6, 2011, in Wardak province, Afghanistan from the 11th Aviation Command.

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(808) 223-8455
ONE Freedom Inc
Address: PO Box 7418
CO 80306
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Our purpose is to free individuals from the debilitating effects of stress and trauma and to improve their quality of life. Through educational campaigns, direct training sessions, lectures, interactive media and more, ONE Freedom is a national resource for the understanding and transformation of stress and trauma enabling global healing.

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Operation Interdependence
Address: 2695 Patterson Rd. #2-147
Grand Junction
CO 81506
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Operation Interdependence provides a unique and efficient Civilian-to-Military Delivery System(R)delivering care from civilians at home in the form of C-rats, individual baggies each containing a personal note and some goodies from home that they miss. OI volunteers pack and ship 50 C-rats per 12 inch cube box, enough for an entire platoon with no one left out. Enough C-rats are sent so that at mail call everyone in the unit gets a package. For many, it”s the only communication from home they receive. For the civilians at home OI provids a means to communicate their support to the troops efficiently, working with the military delivery system, so the public has a means to communicate their thoughts and well wishes to those deployed overseas on their behalf.

Operation Revamp Inc.
Address: 307 S 12th St
Grand Jct
CO 81501
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The purposes of the organization are to: Create opportunities for a variety of healing activities for Veterans, military family members and others suffering from trauma-related mental injuries. Raise awareness of psychological scarring and traumatic brain injuries and benefits of artistic practices in healing. Provide art and related opportunity to aid in the healing of mental health issues through personal exploration and skill building. Provide resources for those suffering from the hidden wounds of trauma and partner with other agencies and non-profits. Establish functional creative art studios, galleries and museums for use of veterans, military families and others suffering from trauma-related mental health issues.

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Address: 12200 E. Iliff Ave., Ste. 107
CO 80014
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The Key Objective of PVA is to restore spinal cord injured or diseased veterans’ bodies and lives as close to those of Americans not suffering spinal cord dysfunction as possible. This is accomplished through programs which:  Advocate for and monitor the delivery of appropriate and high quality health care benefits and services and promote medical research to cure spinal cord dysfunction and related problems. 

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Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center
Address: 13620 Halleluiah Trl
CO 80106
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: Utilizing the unique and therapeutic attributes of horses, the mission of Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center is to serve those with diverse needs, empower change, foster resilience, and nurture whole health through sustainable and innovative programs.

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(719) 495-3908
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