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Operation Interdependence

Operation Interdependence
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Operation Interdependence
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Operation Interdependence provides a unique and efficient Civilian-to-Military Delivery System(R)delivering care from civilians at home in the form of C-rats, individual baggies each containing a personal note and some goodies from home that they miss. OI volunteers pack and ship 50 C-rats per 12 inch cube box, enough for an entire platoon with no one left out. Enough C-rats are sent so that at mail call everyone in the unit gets a package. For many, it”s the only communication from home they receive. For the civilians at home OI provids a means to communicate their support to the troops efficiently, working with the military delivery system, so the public has a means to communicate their thoughts and well wishes to those deployed overseas on their behalf.

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2695 Patterson Rd. #2-147
Grand Junction
CO 81506

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