Being There Reaching Out Inc
Address: 8353 W. Watertown Plank Road
WI 53213
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For the Families of our Fallen Military. Weekend retreats for all Family members and our annual “Walk for our Fallen Military.”

Phone Number:
(414) 988-6225
Starfish Foundation Inc
Address: 2437 N Booth St
WI 53212
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Mission: To raise funds for scholarships to assist individuals to attend programs for emotional healing, including providing programs for military veterans to heal the emotional wounds of war.

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Veterans Assistance Foundation Inc
Address: 312 Superior Ave
WI 54660
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Operate programs designed to assist homeless or at risk of becoming homeless veterans maintain or improve their status in society by providing an environment through which they can access human services.


Wisconsin department of veterans affairs (wdva) is an alcohol and drug free transitional housing program for homeless and at risk veterans designed to assist veterans obtain steady employment and affordable housing to reintegrate into the community.

Website Address:
Phone Number:
(608) 372-8387
Wisconsin Veterans Foundation Inc
Address: 3500 Sequoia Cir
WI 53188
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Our mission is to provide access to any and all services needed by wisconsin’s veterans. The foundation is committed to ensuring the honor and dignity of every wisconsin veteran who has fought for each citizen in wisconsin and in the united states of america.

Phone Number:
(262) 970-7770