New Jersey

Backpacks for Life Inc
Address: 55 Sunset Ave
NJ 07044
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Backpacks for Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to provide homeless veterans with life essentials that they cannot provide for themselves. With each backpack, we hope to not only provide homeless veterans with the things they need for daily living but also give them hope and resources for the future.

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Troopers Assisting Troops Inc
Address: 16 Jason Dr
Spring Lake
NJ 07762
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Entertain wounded warriors.

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(732) 449-3650
Veteran Network
Address: PO Box 307
NJ 08884
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VeteraNetwork is a registered 501(C)(3) Non-profit training organization that focuses on developing technical skills of discharged veterans. Today’s veterans have had extreme difficulty assimilating into US economic viability. Although many US companies have government mandates to hire veteran’s, the unemployment rate for US veterans are at startling figures. Our plan is to arm veterans with niche IT infrastructure skills while also teaching soft skills to help them bridge the gap into the US corporate world. ​ With programmable networks and automated infrastructure already here, 95% of the current corporate infrastructure industry doesn’t have the skills to operate new age infrastructure technology. After completing our programs we believe our graduates will successfully fill that void. Our training methodology is based on not only online classes but a series of level up testing and projects to make sure the repetitions are being done to learn. We additionally provide ongoing technical mentorship and career counseling creating trusted bonds with students to ensure their success.

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