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The vision of TrainOurTroops is to give each US veteran, and their spouse, additional skill sets that will provide them competitive advantages in the crowded marketplace, whether they’re wanting to start a brand new career, or simply adding additional skill sets to their existing resume of experience to make themselves more valuable. Our purpose: – To raise awareness of US veterans and enlist the public’s aid for employment – To provide unique training skill sets on the most relevant business solutions that are in-demand by organizations – To provide a higher quality of life for US veterans, and their spouses, by training them in topics that lead to higher quality positions within organizations – To provide coaching, mentoring, interviewing, and resume building services that directly connect US veterans, and their spouses, to job opportunities based on their new skill sets ‚Äč TrainOurTroops focuses on getting veterans, and their spouses, trained and engaged in the marketplace to obtain solid positions to better support their families and excel in their individual careers. We want to ensure veteran families remain strong in a challenging world and can be successful in any profession as they transition to civilian careers.

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