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National Remember Our Troops Campaign

National Remember Our Troops Campaign
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National Remember Our Troops Campaign
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ational Remember Our Troops Campaign RELAUNCH is being implemented in three phases:

*Phase I is the transition to the new expanded/focused mission, rebranding, and launch of the new website with warrior and partner databases. We are currently in Phase I.

*Phase II is identifying combat wounded warriors and partner organizations for connections is currently being planned. Preparation for Phase III starts on Veterans Day 2017.

*Phase III is the hire of a new program manager to oversee and manage full execution of the four-pillar pipeline, connecting warriors to partner services and tracking them before, during, and after services have been provided.

*Please be aware during Phases I & II we will make every effort to connect warriors to services identified but cannot guarantee connections will be made until we move to full execution in Phase III

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112 Greenwood Ct
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VA 22625

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