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Address: 625 Main Street Bikersinc Building
IN 46107
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Bikersinc provides assistance to Bikers, Veterans, Youth and promotes the positive image of Bikers through our Ministry and Outreach programs.

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Phone Number: 317.801.1904
Cooking With the Troops Inc
Address: PO Box 27
IN 47962
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Provide aid, comfort, and support to U.S. and Allied troops, families, and caregivers by:  1.  Food Events.  Providing a culinary change of pace — particularly to wounded and injured toops — to boost morale.
2.  Culinary Careers.  Providing educational resources, opportunities, and transition assistance into culinary careers, particularly for the wounded and/or disabled.
3.  Frontline Support.  Gathering and sharing knowledge from and with the troops on the front line, providing resources for those wanting to send care packages and nutritional supplements, and conducting food and related events for them.  4.  Homefront Support.  Providing educational events for spouses, children, and caregivers, with an emphasis on teaching culinary basics to make good food fast rather than fast food.

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Military with PTSD Inc.
Address: 713 N. 2nd Ave
IN 47710
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Helping families connect despite PTSD.

Phone Number: (812) 448-7873